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Concern over Covid related self-harming in NI

Mental health services in Northern Ireland must be prepared for a coronavirus-linked rise in self-harming, the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych NI) has warned. » read more


Fears of long-term addiction and mental health issues in Tayside sparked by lockdown

The severity of lockdown on people suffering from mental health and addiction issues will not be known for a long time to come, it has been warned. » read more


Wales and Scarlets rugby star Rhys Thomas opens up about alcohol battle

"How could I be an alcoholic? I'm not that guy with the brown paper bag." » read more


ACT proposes new agency to oversee mental health, addiction services

The ACT Party wants to take mental health funding away from the Ministry of Health and DHBs and instead channel it to patients and providers through a mental health and addiction commission. » read more


Telemedicine and addiction recovery: A new way forward?

As the Covid-19 crisis puts pressure on outpatient providers to facilitate remote care, some addiction professionals have set aside their skepticism and opened digital care channels » read more


Addiction treatment shrinks during the pandemic, leaving people with nowhere to turn

COVID-19 has overshadowed the U.S. opioid crisis, but that doesn't mean opioid addiction has gone away. » read more


MTV's '16 and Recovering' is stark look at young addiction

Northshore Recovery High School is not your average learning institution by any means. » read more


Lauren Sisler: Addiction and overdose are dirty words. That only makes them more dangerous.

After my parents' deaths, I found out that they had been harboring a dark secret, a secret that I've taken on the burden of owning now that they're gone. » read more


Claims lethal ‘fake Valium’ market in Dundee sparked by prescription meds

Decades of freely prescribing sedatives may have opened up a new market for lethal street substitutes now causing devastation in Dundee, it has been claimed. » read more


Even with a license to prescribe a popular addiction treatment drug, many doctors aren’t giving it to their patients

Only about half of the physicians licensed to prescribe buprenorphine -- an opioid-based medication to treat addiction -- actually prescribe it to patients » read more

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