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Online gambling problems in Ireland - Newstalk Breakfast Interview

An addiction expert is warning that children as young as 15-years-old are losing "vast amounts of money" through online gambling in Ireland. » read more


'We get them online for 40p': Warning over 'dangerous fake' anti-anxiety drugs

Counterfeit versions of benzodiazepines such as Xanax are circulating on the dark web. » read more


Use of Crack Cocaine in Ireland has increased - RTE radio one discussion

Professor Colin O'Gara, Addiction Psychiatrist and Head of Addiction Services at St. John of God Hospital & Dr. Garrett McGovern, GP Specialising in Addiction Medicine » read more


'Worrying trend' in crack cocaine use as number being treated rises 44%

A rise in the number of people seeking treatment for crack cocaine use has been described as a "worrying trend" by the Health Research Board. Commentary from Prof. O'Gara. » read more


March 2020

'March 2020' image Radio interview with Sean O'Rourke about gambling and COVID 19 » read more


January 2020

'January 2020' image Radio interview with Matt Cooper and panel about cocaine addiciton » read more


26th November 2018

'26th November 2018' image How do we end the proliferation of gambling in Ireland? Last Word, Today FM debate with Prof O'Gara and others. » read more


17 September 2018

'17 September 2018' image Ray D'arcy intervew on gambling addiction » read more


15th August 2018

'15th August 2018' image Interview with Miriam O'Callaghan on RTE┬áRadio One about 'Smart Drugs'. » read more


31 July 2018

'31 July 2018' image Prof O'Gara commentary on exercise addiction in the Independent. » read more