31 July 2018

'31 July 2018' image

Last year, fitness blogger Erin Thomas - aka 'Queen City Sweat' - took to Instagram to show her followers what happens when a healthy habit metamorphoses into a harmful addiction.

Thomas posted two photographs - side by side - and the contrast was striking, (pictured below). In the first photo, taken in a gym mirror, the blogger looks gaunt and sinewy. In the second photo, taken almost a year-and-a-half later, she has gained a little weight and reclaimed her vitality. She looks healthier and, in her own words, happier. "I was not eating close to what I should've been eating and ended up with a severe case of anemia, causing a lack of energy to the point where I could barely get out of bed," she admitted in the post. "Yet, I still forced myself to go to the gym, although I felt like a zombie. "I was addicted to working out and was running myself into the ground." Read Full Article here