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‘There was nothing to help me’: how the pandemic has worsened opioid addiction

US treatment centers have shut down or turned away patients amid as they struggle to adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols » read more


Opioid addiction warnings to be strengthened in UK

Regulators in the UK are strengthening opioid addiction and dependence warnings on patient information labels and leaflets » read more


UK had highest number of young cocaine users in Europe, shows report

EU drugs agency says availability of cocaine in Europe is at its highest » read more


Addiction is a health issue that deserves a health-based response

Opinion: As medical providers we know incarceration doesn't equal treatment. That's why we're voting 'yes' on Measure 110 » read more


Defying the Family Cycle of Addiction

In a family plagued by addiction, I was determined to help my teen recover from surgery without opiates. » read more


'Soaring alcohol misuse' could overwhelm service

Addiction services in England could struggle to cope with "soaring" numbers of people misusing alcohol, the Royal College of Psychiatrists is warning. » read more


Xanax (Alprazolam) Withdrawal, Side Effects, Addiction and Treatment

Xanax withdrawal needs to be performed in a very specific way. Unfortunately, detox facilities still seem to miss this point despite a mountain of evidence. The failures seem to be justified by the insurance dollars they procure at the expense of the patient who is left suffering. » read more


English addiction services on brink as number of higher-risk drinkers doubles

Services in desperate need of a funding boost to stop lives being lost to addiction, Royal College of Psychiatrists say » read more


Coronavirus: Number of high-risk drinkers has 'doubled since lockdown' as millions more turn to alcohol

An estimated 8.4 million people drank "high-risk" amounts of alcohol in June, compared to 4.8 million people four months earlier. » read more


People struggling with addiction are turning to telehealth during the pandemic — for better and for worse

Amid the global pandemic, group gatherings have become nearly impossible. Weddings have been put on hold indefinitely, schools are turning to virtual learning and offices are encouraging employees to work from home until it's safe to be in close proximity. » read more