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Gambling Laws Could Have Saved Our Son's Life

The parents of a County Fermanagh man who took his own life as a result of a gambling addiction say his life could have been saved if laws were stricter. Peter and Sadie Keogh, from Enniskillen, are going to Stormont on Tuesday to call for greater regulation of the industry. » read more


The Duchess of Cambridge has urged people struggling with addiction to seek help

The Duchess of Cambridge has urged people struggling with addiction to seek help, as new research revealed a quarter of UK adults are drinking more in lockdown. » read more


The coronavirus lockdown has been especially tough for people in recovery

Musician Laurie Wright, 28, from Cheltenham, has been in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction for four months. Here, Laurie and his parents Carol and Richard share their experiences of life in lockdown » read more


Increased alcohol intake during COVID 19

MORE THAN 50% of Irish respondents to a global survey about drugs and alcohol use say they have... » read more


Loot boxes leading to addiction - report

Gaming companies risk "setting kids up for addiction" by including gambling tasks in their video games, the director of mental health for the NHS said. The firms should either ban virtual 'loot boxes' from their products or stop selling them to children, Claire Murdoch said. » read more


Alcohol problems during COVID 19 in the UK

Problem drinkers are consuming far more alcohol than usual because they are so stressed at being isolated and deprived of support under the lockdown, doctors have revealed.Yet they are struggling to get help because the NHS is so busy dealing with patients with Covid-19, and because specialist treatment services for addicts have been cut, they said. » read more


COVID-19 has disrupted addiction treatment

Many of the services and treatments available to people recovering from drug addiction have been disrupted by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, putting thousands of lives at risk. Countless clinics that provide syringe exchange services or daily addiction medication have closed or reduced their hours, while rehab centres have limited the number of new admissions, or even shut up shop for fear of spreading the virus. » read more


13th March 2019

Why beating your phone addiction may come at a cost » read more


6th March 2019

'6th March 2019' image Shocking toll of drug addiction in Scotland » read more


6th March 2019

'6th March 2019' image Gamers suggest ways to combat addiction » read more

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