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What is an opioid? Understanding the terminology around addiction, recovery

There are many challenges to navigating opioid addiction and recovery. » read more


Gambling addiction fear over council-run lotteries

Lotteries with jackpots of up to £25,000 are being run by local authorities in a bid to raise funds for cultural activities and events » read more


UK Government launches second phase of independent review into drug misuse

The second part of a major independent review by Professor Dame Carol Black into the misuse of illegal drugs in England has launched. » read more


Minister Feighan acknowledges the publication of the Health Research Board’s latest research on Drug Treatment for 2019

The Minister for Public Health, Wellbeing and the National Drugs Strategy, Frank Feighan TD, has acknowledged the publication today of the Health Research Board's (HRB) latest research into treated problem drug use in the seven year period 2013-2019 » read more


Pandemic is disrupting addiction treatment

Drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment centers around the country have been forced to close or limit operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has left people without treatment options and may reverse strides made in recovery, according to Kaiser Health News. » read more


‘My son was shaking, trying not to go online’: how the gambling industry got its claws into children

As the NHS opens its first clinic for child addicts, families are counting the cost of Britain's high-stakes betting problem » read more


Should We Be Drinking Less?

Scientists helping to update the latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are taking a harder stance on alcohol. » read more


New Zealand government announces $32m in funding for drug and alcohol addiction services

 Making the announcement in Napier, the prime minister said district health boards had worked together to determine where the money could best be spent. » read more


Opinion: Obesity and addiction: A multi-front war

The opioid, addiction and obesity epidemics haven't vanished during the coronavirus pandemic; indeed, for many the struggle has gotten worse as the focus on these diseases has receded. » read more


Coronavirus Crisis Disrupts Treatment For Another Epidemic: Addiction

Shawn Hayes was thankful to be holed up at a city-run hotel for people with COVID-19. » read more

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