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Most Residential Addiction Treatment Programs Don’t Offer Live-Saving Medication

Patients seeking treatment for an opioid addiction have limited access to a life-saving medication, buprenorphine, in residential treatment facilities across the U.S. » read more


Twenty years without a drink... then they shut down AA: For recovering alcoholic Tanya Gold, stripped of her support group during lockdown, it became a battle to stay sober

Tanya Gold reveals the struggles she has experienced as a recovering alcoholic » read more


Hugely popular Eastbourne businessman died after gambling addiction took its toll

A hugely popular Eastbourne businessman died after struggling with gambling debts. » read more


Coronavirus: 'I became alcoholic during lockdown'

Before lockdown, Chris McLone was looking forward to a good year. » read more


Fighting Back against the Stigma of Addiction

When health care providers demonize people addicted to drugs or alcohol, it just makes the problem worse » read more


Covid-19 has freed opioid addiction patients from daily methadone clinic visits

There are many ways in which Covid-19 has dramatically worsened the US opioid epidemic. » read more


Patients offered free support to tackle tobacco addiction while in hospital

Patients across the boroughs of Rochdale, Oldham, Bury and Salford will be offered specialist support to manage tobacco addiction when they are admitted to hospital. » read more


You can start drug addiction treatment over the phone—and thanks to COVID, more people are starting to

Denny Bos's ministry is the foothills of Mt. Baker, in east Whatcom County, Wash., a vast forest home to hundreds of people without addresses » read more


Online Treatment, Virtual Check-Ins: Dealing With Addiction In A Pandemic

Editor's Note: This hour discusses addiction and mental health » read more


Alcohol addiction: could the brain’s immune system be the key to understanding and treating alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem worldwide. In England alone, over 350,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions – and over 5,000 alcohol-related deaths – were reported in 2018. » read more

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