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Rehab in paradise: Western addicts head to Thailand to detox

A Buddhist monastery located 140 kilometers (86 miles) north of Bangkok, Thamkrabok specializes in treating drug addiction. It resembles a small village, with golden-roofed temples and small cottages for the monks and nuns. » read more


Coronavirus: Long waiting list for reopened addiction centre

An addiction centre in Derry is experiencing long waiting lists of people needing to access treatment because of coronavirus. » read more


Alcoholism and drug abuse creating 'unsustainable burden' on health service and society

A watchdog report has laid bare the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on the Northern Ireland health service - with more than 200 hospital beds occupied each day. » read more


200 hospital beds occupied daily due to alcohol and drug misuse in Northern Ireland

More than 200 hospital beds were occupied every day in 2019 due to alcohol and drug misuse in Northern Ireland, a watchdog has said. » read more


Brain plasticity in drug addiction: Burden and benefit

The human brain is the most complex organ in our body, and is characterized by a unique ability called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to our brain's ability to change and adapt in its structural and functional levels in response to experience. » read more


Pot, pills and the pandemic: how coronavirus is changing the way we use drugs

There's no question COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives. As drug researchers, we are interested in how the pandemic has affected illicit drug use in Australia. » read more


Emergency homeless and addiction supports must be extended post-Covid, say services

An alliance of drug and homeless services is calling on the next government to extend Covid-19 emergency accommodation supports to the end of the year. » read more


Cork man releases book detailing his struggles with gambling and alcohol addictions

A Cork man has bravely shared his story of how he overcame gambling and alcohol addictions and now helps others who are struggling with the same issues. » read more


Coronavirus: Lockdown leaves addicts 'close to relapse'

It is not just shops and hospitality businesses that have had to close their doors during lockdown. Social-distancing restrictions have also made it difficult for many counselling services to operate. » read more


The Green Party calls for drug decriminalisation in Ireland

As they enter into formal coalition talks with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the Green Party have called for sweeping reforms of Ireland's drug laws » read more

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