Loot boxes: I blew my university savings gaming on Fifa

 But when his mum was diagnosed with cancer, his spending on these packs, or "loot boxes", became - as he sees it - an addiction he couldn't control.

The House of Lords Gambling Committee is calling for loot boxes, which are not currently considered to be gambling, to be regulated urgently. 

"I have loved video games since I was a child. I remember waking up early on weekends and heading straight downstairs to play Fifa 05 with the sound off so that I wouldn't wake my parents," says Jonathan.

"Now 21, I am fortunate to have made some of my closest friends online, and I think video games can be great for any child. 

"I stress this before saying that I feel compelled to tell my story of how 'loot box gambling' led to one of the worst experiences of my life.

"In 2009, EA Sports launched the Ultimate Team game mode in their Fifa series. It's like a huge online football trading card game, and users can then add these players to their teams. 

"Better players give you an advantage, and there is a virtual currency and market where these cards are traded. You can buy packs containing a random selection of cards.


"I distinctly remember back in 2012, when I first asked my parents if I could use my money to buy packs, and my frustration when my dad said the packs were "gambling", before finally agreeing. 

"The idea that it was gambling seemed ridiculous to me at the time. I understood that the chances of 'packing' my favourite players were low. 

"I spent the money, opened my packs, got lucky a couple of times, and tried to be positive, despite being left feeling slightly underwhelmed. 'If I could just spend another £15...', I thought.

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